Our Story

We’re a small business that focuses on overall health & wellness. It just so happens hydration plays a huge role in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We wanted to drink in style, skip the refills and ditch the boring gallon water jug.. & this is how HydraRank started.

It all started back in 2018, I was looking for a new large water bottle. I couldn’t find one that was minimal & sleek looking that didn’t just fit the ‘gym look’ - but more of an everyday bottle. So I took it into my own hands and created it myself. I spent months coming up with ideas, materials, testing different qualities, packaging, insert cards, brand names. I created 6 styles that I didn’t see available anywhere else, that I would personally use on an everyday basis. Long story short, we finalized everything and launched for the first time on Amazon on December 22, 2018.

In one year selling on Amazon, we sold over 7,800+ bottles to amazing people - just like you! We had 100’s of positive reviews, but even more importantly hundreds of negative reviews as well. With all the feedback and suggestions, we have redesigned our bottles and decided to come back with a new brand name aka HydraRank.

We’re excited to see where this journey takes us with building this brand off of just Amazon. If you’re reading to the bottom, well we appreciate you more than you know. Keep pursing your goals and remember to always live healthy and stay hydrated!


Keep living,

The Hydra Rank Team


Our Values

Be Healthy.

Take care of your vessel. What you put in your body is what you get out. Optimize your health by staying hydrated.

Create Sustainability.

Create value today while preserving tomorrow. Take an active role in protecting the prosperity of future generations.

Take Action.

You can’t get anywhere without taking action. Little steps can build up into large successes. Start now.

Be Kind.

We’re all here living together. Let’s all be on the same team and root for each other. Bring people up, flash a smile and be there for people who need you.


Don’t take life too seriously. Enjoy these moments in time. Realize how blessed you are. Soak it all in - you’re here, you’re alive.